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The Ignác Bizmayer Gallery presents a selection of the works of Slovakia’s one-of-a-kind figurine artist. It is located in the bastion of the town fortification system dating to the early 17th century.
The Bizmayer family was from Košolná and were of Haban heritage; in 1922 they welcomed a child, young Ignác, who would later become an important folk craftsman and professional artist.
Habans were immigrants from Germany who began to arrive in what is today western Slovakia in the 16th century. They were Anabaptists – radical followers of Luther’s Reformation. Assimilated Habans began arriving in Modra in the early 19th century, and one of them, a man called Jozef Kitta, is considered to be the founder of ceramic jug making in Modra.
He was educated at the school of ceramics in Modra and he worked as a painter and master craftsman in the ceramic studio in Modra. He created figurines depicting the work, life, and customs of the Slovak people. His clay creations depicting the daily life of Slovaks are collector’s items.
The bastion itself is no less fascinating; as part of the historical town walls, it served to guard the town and as a means of communication. The medieval town required protection from adversaries mainly due to the liquid gold stashed in the cellars of Modra’s wine merchants.

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