You can get to Modra by car on road 502, which connects Modra, Pezinok, Limbach, and Svätý Jur with Bratislava.
If coming by motorway, take the Senec exit towards Viničné, and from there it is approximately 20 minutes to Modra, depending on traffic.
There is a fee for parking in the town centre from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 4:30PM. You can buy a ticket from a ticket machine (€0.50/hr), use the ParkDots application (€0.55/hr), or send a text message (€0.65/hr). If paying by SMS, send a text message to 2200 as follows: MO, [space], duration (A1, A2), [space], vehicle number plate. The first 15 minutes are free, for which you can use the code A0 for duration.
There is excellent bus service to Modra from the capital, but it is also easy to get here by bus from Trnava and Senec. There are bus stops in the town centre or near the lipová alej (linden tree avenue).
This winegrowing town is also known for its lack of a train station; the nearest train stations are in Šenkvice and Pezinok.

If you are going to Zochova Chata–Piesok, Harmónia or Kráľová, you can go by car or by bus. In summer you can use the Malokarpatský expres, which connects Bratislava and the towns and villages of the Small Carpathian region.


Taxi-Modra - tel. +421 948 426 242
BMW Taxi - tel. +421 914 149 773
Taxi JOJO - tel. +421 904 331 732
Taxi MAJO - tel. +421 902 399 404
Taxi MACHACEK tel. +421 905 45 45 45

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