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Modra is home to Slovenská ľudová majolika (Slovak Folk Majolica). This popular spot, where both locals and tourists learn about, create, and go home arms full of useful and decorative ceramics, has earned an inscription in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia. Every article that comes out of these workshops – with the longest history of production in Slovakia – is a handmade original.
The history of artisan production in the Modra area dates to the 14th century. Over the ensuing centuries, potters formed a guild that provided quality control and sales for their products and secured apprenticeships for its members. Slovenská ľudová majolika was built on the foundation of the craft of pottery that developed with the arrival of the Habans – Anabaptists – from German-speaking countries in the 17th century. The state jug making workshop was established in Modra in 1883; after undergoing many changes, it was finally given its permanent name in 1952 – Slovenská ľudová majolika.
There are places all around the town that share a strong link with this historical brand, but we recommend that you visit the current studio where you can take a tour, attend a workshop or learn about the production process. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop where you can see and buy the unique, handmade products.

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